Expert advice for your electrical power, control and safety products

A leader in the province’s electrical industry for almost 20 years, Limotrique is committed to assisting you in your electrical projects by providing power, control and safety.


For Limotrique, responsiveness to you and your team is essential. We make it a priority to meet your needs quickly and accurately.  For 20 years, our company has been guided by a continual focus on attention to detail.


We believe in our team, which is made up of experts from across the electrical industry. Our representatives’ priority is to work closely with you in order to ensure your satisfaction and make sure your projects are carried out professionally and according to plan.


We are committed to working hand in hand with your team to see all your projects through, whether big or small. Thanks to a deep understanding of the tasks involved, ongoing support at every step, and the active involvement of our representatives, you can count on unparalleled cooperation and effective follow-through.


Limotrique makes it a point to be at the vanguard of new technologies in the world of high-voltage power and to stay ahead of market trends – so that your projects, like our company, will be both innovative and exceptional.